We provide advanced technology, multimedia customer interaction, automated contact management and a wide range of business intelligence tools (Business Intelligence).

Automated solutions can be seen as a means both to reduce costs as an added bonus for customers, as this type of solution improves service quality and customer satisfaction.

We are committed to providing solutions that are tailored to customer needs, to develop a methodology for quality control and bring our unique expertise in the design of such scripts and conversations with the customer.

Currently we manage and distribute a powerful contact center platform that exploits the benefits of voice over IP in the Cloud with Web applications, helping to simplify the process of negotiation with the remote client system. This platform is very flexible and is capable of receiving multiple communications technologies. Provides intelligent call routing and multimedia management between telephone operators and customers contacted.

The workstations are physically disabled for external connections such as data protection and confidentiality. And flexible profiles that allow agents to handle only allowed applications.

The internal network keeps a highly secure profile management. 90% of the information that travels within the company is centralized and supported on network servers and not workstations.