Who We Are


ITS PTY, Inc. is a contact and services center located in Panama (Central America) with the ability to connect with the world through its own telecommunications network.


Our site is equipped with more than 300 stations in operation, highly trained talent that exceeds 150 employees and the latest technology that has made ITS PTY, Inc.  an industry leader in contact center solutions.


The organizational structure of ITS PTY, Inc. consists of a team of executives, managers, supervisors, leaders, agents and technical support staff who are linked by a linear relationship, that makes the difference for our company. We are global experts in contact center management creating more value through a better customer experience. Our “core business” is totally focused on CRM / BPO.


Thinking on providing top quality service at a competitive price necessarily requires choosing the best place as a base of operations. In this sense, ITS PTY, Inc. has a strategic location in one of the former military bases of the United States, important place in the economic and political life of Panama.

Business Model

Our business model focused on cost optimization and operational excellence gives us the ability to become an extension of the client.  We have valuable experience in managing offshore operations with local and international clients that choose us because we possess competitive advantages and differentiation achieved through measuring sustained results.

Our customers delegate to us their business processes to operate and manage, based on previouslt agreed performance indicators.

International Solutions

The key to success in the export of services is to offer quality solutions with high operational efficiency and the best cost-benefit. Among the country’s demographic advantages include educational level, availability of trained bilingual human resources, neutral accent, among others.